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Alle variarinater af CUBA produkterne

1 flaske = 300 baht

1 kasse =6 flasker = 1500 baht

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Daglige nyheder

6 October 2022

There is some bad news for all Aquavit lovers. This year there have been some changing in the companies that normally are producing and selling Swedish Aquavits with the brnad name "Prima". As the two companies Altia and Arcus have joint forces, it has also made some new strucktur of what they are selling.

That mean that Linie, OP Anderson and Aalborg aquavits are only sold from the new company Anora. It also mean that Skåne and Halland Fläder aquavits are besold from another company Galatea. I have never brought any thing from them before and therefore need to make contact to them for being their new agent in Thailand for aquavits.

It also means that at the moment I dont know who are going to sell all the others Prima aquavits, that will take some time to find the right companies.

I am very sorry for this mess and especially now, because its going to affect the aqauvits availabel for the Christmas 2022 and when it will be arriving in Thailand.

13 November 2021

Der er desværre kommet nogle komplicationer omkring import af ost og sild.

Der arbejdes hårdt på sagen og alle vil bliver informeret når det er på lager, men forvent ikke noget før i 2022.

1 November 2021

Jeg har nogle paller på vej til Thailand, men de er desværre havnet i Singapore og kan pt ikke kommer til Thailand.

Forventer at de bliver frigivet fra Singapore mellem den 15-18 November.

Derefter skal de igennem tolden i Bangkok og bliver forhåbentlig frigivet omkring de 22-23 November.

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